JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: Soaking Up Summer

Summer is in full swing! While we are BUSY watching our summer weddings come to life and prepping for the weddings this fall, the beauty of summer has not escaped us.  There has a been a wine tasting trip to Napa with friends, leisurely strolls through the Farmer's Market, and a 4th of July gathering at the beach to watch the fireworks.  We can't wait to see what the rest of summer brings! In the meantime, here is what is inspiring us this July.

{wine country table setting}

{fresh faced brides}
{bite sized watermelon salad}




JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: Spreading The Love

The wedding is over, the ceremony was strewn with flowers, all your bridesmaids carried beautiful bouquets, your reception had an arrangement on every table...and now comes the question a lot of couples are starting to ask:

“What do we do with all those flowers?” 

In the age of recycling, we are getting more and more questions from couples about what happens to the flowers after the wedding?  Typically they get tossed in a bin with a few lucky arrangements making their way to guests’ cars and into the their homes at the end of the night.  

But did you know, that you don't need to throw those thousands of dollars worth of flower's away?  They can be donated to nursing homes, local hospitals or hospices and there are organizations that can do just that. Call around to local hospitals or nursing homes in your area.  If you live in Los Angeles or New York check out the nonprofit group FlowerPower at 212-308-4930 (or go to Most organizations will pick up from your event location and deliver the arrangements for you—you just have to arrange this ahead of time!

{Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid Photography}

Happy recycling!


JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: Favorite Celebrity Brides (recently)

It's June! Wedding Season is upon us, so we thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the best-dressed celebrity brides we have seen in recent years. From romantic to modern, each of these brides let their personality show through on their special day.  

{Drew Barrymore}

{Jessica Biel}

{Reese Witherspoon}

{Keira Knightly}

{Jacquetta Wheeler}


Do you agree with our choices?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know who you crown "best dressed!"


JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: June Gloom, No Problem

We are in the throes of June gloom in Southern California right now. The mornings are chilly, gray and gloomy which make it hard to get out of bed even though it's summer and we know it will be sunny and warm by the afternoon. Yet, with a full month ahead of us and weddings to plan, we must get out of bed!  It's times like these when inspiration comes in handy! Here are a few things inspiring us this month.   

{Positano - dreaming of a little summer vacation}

{Chic linen cocktail napkins - perfectly paired with a light summer cocktail}

{infused water and favor station - lovely way to cool guests off and provide a pretty display} 

{red and blue stripes - so fresh and parisian at the same time}

{peonies and sequins - need we say more?}

What's inspiring you for June?  We would love to hear in the comments below...


JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: Summer Wedding DOs & DON'Ts

Summer is the most popular time of the year for weddings for so many reasons: more hours of daylight, warmer weather, variety of available flowers and the list continues.  Yet, you would be surprised at how many couple's don't realize that, though summer is a lovely time of year, there are many factors to consider when planning.  Here are a few pointers to ensure that your summertime nuptials go off without a hitch.

Don't forgo save-the-dates. Summer is a busy time of year.  It is the prime time for vacations, especially for those families with children who take off after school is out. Be sure to send out an announcement in advance to alert people to your upcoming nuptials.  

Do provide heat relief. If you are having a daytime wedding, make sure your outdoor venue offers some type of shade or air-conditioning. During the ceremony, offer pretty parasols or hand fans to guests—umbrellas are key and can be a nice accent for your look. The bar should be stocked with plenty of ice and water.  If the weather gods are with you and you have a warm evening, consider offering cold hand towels to guests during the dancing portion of the evening as a nice, elegant way to help them beat the heat.

Do serve lighter fare. Choose a seasonal menu that includes local, fresh produce with grilled entrees that are light on sauces.  Frozen cocktails can be a nice touch. And maybe in lieu of cake offer a gelato station and fresh berry tartlets (or in addition to cake for a cool treat).   

Don't forget about time of day. When planning your outdoor wedding, late afternoon or early evening is best versus a midday affair when the sun is at its strongest.  The last thing you want is overheated guests or guests that leave early because they are baking in the sun.   

Do consider attire.  A bride should choose a lightweight fabric that breathes for her wedding dress.  Maybe opt for a shorter skirt on your dress or change into something lighter for the reception.  Grooms can wear a crisp linen suit in a light color.   

Do make sure to wear sunblock. A sunburn can definitely put a damper on the festivities.  Consider wearing a moisturizer that contains SPF or put sunblock on before moisturizing.  A nice touch for guests would be to have sunscreen in the amenity baskets in the restrooms in case they forgot to apply sunscreen before arriving.  

Don't forget about bug protection.  Bugs are at an all time high during the summer months, especially in humid climates.  Make sure to have bug protection spray and a plan of attack should they encroach on your meal during the reception. For some areas, you may consider treating the grass before your wedding.

Don’t leave the cake in the sun.  A cake decorated with fondant cannot stand in direct sunlight so be sure to either bring it to the dessert table just prior to dessert or place the cake in a shaded or preferably, air conditioned space.  Nothing would be worse than watching your beautiful 5-tiered cake melt off the cake table before you have a chance to cut in to it.  

Summer is a lovely time to get married! We are looking forward to our summer weddings!