JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesdays: Tips on Jumpstarting Your Wedding Planning

Excited to share our tips on Carats & Cake to launch you into wedding planning mode!

Let us know your to-dos for the big I-DO date! 


JOWY Productions Presents: Jordan & Thomas's Wedding on Carats & Cake

We are proud to have Jordan & Thomas's Wedding and JOWY Productions featured on Carats & Cake. We had an amazing team of talent behind this wedding and this site breaks down the vendors who helped bring our design to life as well as styled our stunning couple making them shine on their big day!

Our bride & groom submitted thier own wedding; it's fun to see the wedding through the couple's eyes.  To our fantastic, past wedding clients, request an invite on Carats & Cake to showcase your big day! We'd love to share your beatuiful affair with everyone! 


JOWY Productions


JOWY Productions Presents: A Follow Up to "Ring in the New Year with Kids!" on Fox KTTV, Studio 11

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL of your support, enthusiasm and love, including social media love, for JOWY Productions during 2013! We could not have thought of a better way to 'go out with a bang' in 2013 than our debut appearance yesterday on Fox KTTV Channel 11, Studio 11 show!! We had a lot of fun putting together the New Year's Eve party ideas that everyone can enjoy with (or without) kids and look forward to hearing how all of you rang in 2014!

If you missed our spot yesterday, you can catch it here!

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

A few of our favorite pics from yesterday can been seen on JOWY Productions' Facebook page.  {}
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Christine Devine, Tony Mcewing and the entire team at KTTV were a lot of fun! Studio 11 and KTTV, thanks for having JP!

Here's our "Before & After" shot! 

Wishing everyone a very eventful New Year and we look forward to sharing 2014 together! 

Best wishes!
Jodi & Sarah 


JOWY Productions Presents: Ring in the New Year with Kids!

Catch Jodi & Sarah today, LIVE on Fox News, KTTV, Channel 11 at 5:30pm PT with tips on how to "Ring in the New Year" with KIDS! 

While most people think of New Year’s Eve as a “grown-up” holiday it can be even more fun when shared with your kids.  We have some party ideas that incorporate kids into the mix while making sure everyone has a good time; adults included.

1. Have a Dance Party!! Hire a kid’s DJ or create a fun playlist and designate a room for kid’s to let loose and dance. This will tire them out and allow adults to have their own space.

2. Make Balloon Hats! Instead of purchasing the same old party hats, hire a balloon artist to make each child their own special New Year’s Eve hat or better yet, become an expert with online YouTube videos. 

{Designs by Nifty Balloons-Thank you!}

3. Scavenger Hunt: Hide New Year’s Eve related items such as party hats, streamers, confetti, noise makers, boas, New Year's Eve "bling", glasses for apple cider and give the kids a list of items for a scavenger hunt getting everyone ready for the clock to strike 12am (or 9pm if you tape the East Coast feed for young kids).
*You could also give a prize to the first child to find a certain amount of items.   

4. Time Capsule: Have everyone bring something to the party that has meaning to them and represents the year 2013; place it in a vessel with a Polaroid of each child holding their item.  Make plans to dig it up the time capsule on the following New Year’s Eve.

{Thank you La Artista Designs}

5. Balloon Wishes: Have each child write a wish or resolution for the New Year on a piece of paper and insert each folded paper inside a green, biodegradable balloon. Fill each balloon with helium (you can purchase a small tank at a party store) and release the balloons at midnight or inflate the balloons (without helium) to use as décor.

6. Pajama Party: Let's be honest. The younger kids won’t be able to stay awake until midnight so invite all the kids to bring their pajamas and sleeping bags to your home (if you are hosting) so that all of the kids can have a slumber party when they get tired.  They will be happy they have their belongings when they are ready to crash after the dance party, scavenger hunt and balloon wishes!

We guarantee seeing New Year’s through the eyes of a child will shed new light on the holiday and bring a whole new meaning to “ringing in the NEW year”. 

It's been a wonderful 2013!  Happy 2014 to you all! Let us know what you wind up doing with your children on New Year's Eve! 



JOWY Productions invites you to Wedding Wednesdays: October Inspirations

Halloween is sneaking up on us this year (how is it already mid October??)!  The weather has been unseasonably warm so it’s been hard to really believe it's October.  Yet, here it is, and we are getting in the mood!

Here's what's inspiring us this month.

{backless and bows}

{black wedding dress}

{black and white all over}

{moody table setting}

{dramatic eye}