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Final Wedding Countdown To Do’s 

Wedding Checklist: What to Do One Month Before Your Wedding

Get your marriage license. Call or visit your local county office and fill out the necessary paperwork and pay the required fee to get your marriage license (may also be able to set up appointment or fill out paperwork online). Call your county office beforehand to see what requirements you may need for a marriage license (for example, many counties require that both the bride and groom come down in person to apply for the license). If you are changing your name, order several copies.

Finalize ceremony programs. A wedding program is a nice detail that lists everybody’s names (bride, groom, members of wedding party) as well as a schedule (or breakdown) of the ceremony itself. The bride and groom can include a personal note thanking everyone for sharing in their big day as well as a note to honor loved ones who are no longer with them to celebrate their marriage. For religious ceremonies, many people take an opportunity to explain some of the traditions.

Confirm RSVP’s. Make sure all RSVP’s are in a database (excel preferred). Call those guests who have not RSVP’d yet so you can finalize your guest count and proposals.

Assign seating. If you can do this, it’s a thoughtful touch and shows that you have taken the time to seat everyone at tables and next to people that they would enjoy mingling with. An easy exercise is draw out your floor plan and focus on the tables only (drawing out rounds for round tables and squares for squares, etc…). Write the names of female guests on individual pink sticky notes and the names of male guests on blue sticky notes so you place people at each table, and move people about without redoing the entire setting.

Final fitting. Visit the dressmaker for your last dress fitting. For peace of mind, you may want to schedule a fitting the week of your wedding. You can always cancel the appointment but due to excitement and nerves, your body might change a bit. The groom must make sure his measurements have been taken at the tuxedo rental shop or that his tuxedo fits and all of his accessories are selected and ready. Make sure all bridesmaids and groomsmen have had their final fitting or all measurements taken so everyone is ready.

Write vows, if necessary.

Purchase bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s gifts. You can present them at the rehearsal dinner or at a bridesmaid’s lunch, etc.

Final payments. Send out as many final payments as you can so you are stress free on the wedding day.

Arrange for cleaning and preserving of wedding dress-ask someone to take it for you after the wedding (if you are leaving on a honeymoon).

Haircut/Color. A bride should get her haircut and colored 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding and also do a dry run through of her hair. Groom should get a haircut 2-4 weeks before wedding, so it doesn’t look “just cut”!

Confirm ceremony rehearsal time. Ceremony rehearsal is typically done the night before the wedding with all members of the wedding party and the officiant present (if possible) so that everyone knows what they are doing on the day of the wedding and how they are walking for the processional and recessional.

Week of Wedding

-Send the final guest count to the caterer and the venue hosting your wedding (as well as rehearsal dinner/brunch venues). Typically, companies request final guest count 72 hours in advance.

-Reconfirm arrival times with vendors.

-Send out the schedule of events to all vendors. This schedule lists out every detail of the wedding day (i.e. specific song that will be played when you enter the reception as man and wife for the first time, when band breaks, when photographer arrives).

-Confirm flow for hair and makeup on the day of your wedding. Create a hair and make up schedule so everyone knows what he or she is doing as well as the times they need to be ready for their appointment(s). This will avoid any last minute confusion while getting ready.

-Pre-order lunch. Pre-order lunch for the bride and her bridesmaids’ and for the groomsmen. Handle all details in advance so the getting ready process is enjoyable for the bride, groom and the bridal party. The maid of honor needs to make sure that the bride eats during the day and drinks a lot of water.

-Delegate small wedding-day tasks. Choose someone to bustle your dress; someone to carry your purse, extra shoes; someone to be in charge of gifts (especially envelopes); someone to hand out tips; and someone to be the point person for each vendor (if you do not have a wedding planner).

- Check in one last time with the photographer and videographer. Supply him or her with a list of moments you want captured on film (i.e. a shot list). The more you detail out will ensure that all photos are captured with all family members and friends.

-Send a timeline to the bridal party. Include every member’s contact information, along with the point people you’ve asked to deal with the vendors. This way everyone can communicate the day of the wedding should an issue arise or if someone has a question.

-Pick up your dress. Or make arrangements for a delivery.

-Pack for your honeymoon.

-Assemble and distribute the welcome bags/gifts.

-Break in your shoes. Wear them around the house and if they need to be stretched a bit, you can wear them with socks.

-Arrange for someone to gather all necessary items for ceremony and reception, and to transport them to the sites. Arrange for someone to be responsible for returning everything to you afterward. This way you are stress-free and all logistics are taken care of. The pre-planning of each detail will enable you to be a guest at your own wedding.