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10 Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Planner

One of the questions a couple will ask when they are planning their wedding is “should we hire a wedding planner?” There are endless details that one needs to consider when hiring a planner; hiring a wedding planner can help reduce stress and take the grueling planning out of one’s wedding journey. Today we’re consulting event specialists Jowy Productions who have been doing this for a combined 19 years. They know what their clients look for when it comes to event and wedding planning. Jodi and Sarah were kind enough to offer their top 10 tips on choosing a wedding planner.

1. First impression is everything. Go with your gut. Select someone you feel comfortable with, one who is well organized, you trust and someone you want to have around you on your big day. Your planner should be an individual you can relate to that you would want to speak to at least 5 times a day. Exit your first meeting with excitement and a warm feeling about the prospect of working closely with the planner.

2. You should like your planner’s aesthetic. By looking at a planner’s website and through their photos and testimonials, this will give you a good indication of design, execution and ability to perform. Explain your dream wedding to the planner and see how they can apply their expertise to your design and look.

3. Pick a planner that understands your financial position and is able to deliver within your projected budget. Most importantly, prior to meeting with a planner or at your first meeting, have a number and/or range in mind of what you would like to spend. This way there are no surprises and you can set the tone of what you are comfortable spending. As a result, the planner can confirm if they can deliver within your price point.4. How can a planner present your look within your budget? A planner should be able to advise where to spend and where to cut back in order to deliver the look and feel that you are going for.

5. Discuss vendors that you prefer, are familiar with and/or what you are expecting (i.e. a florist–how important are flowers to you/how much do you want to spend?). A great planner will have the ability to present various vendors in their arsenal at different price points. See if the vendors that the planner have in mind seem like a good fit.

6. A planner should mention how they can negotiate great deals for you with their vendors. How can a vendor leverage their relationship to deliver the best price for you? Planners working with vendors regularly will be able to get better pricing than approaching a vendor on your own.

7. A planner should cater to you. It is a luxury to hire a planner and your needs should be first priority.

8. Is the planner flexible in using vendors that you want to work with? The ability and one’s character to be able to work with anybody is key in a successful planner.

9. In meeting with a planner, what do they bring to the table? A planner should be able to present new ideas to your preconceived vision and expand on a grand idea to exceed your expectations. Perhaps a planner introduces one-of- a-kind ideas specific to your wedding to personalize your big day.

10. A planner should be able to send you a projected timeline and expected deliverables. This should detail out your months of planning as well as detail out the services you can expect and be ready for. In addition, a planner should be communicative and express what they can handle on your behalf and what they cannot, so your expectations can be met.

Jowy Productions is based in Los Angeles, California. During their careers in the event industry, Jodi and Sarah produced notable events all over the world including: Opening of the Atlantis Dubai Hotel and Jumeirah Island in Dubai; The opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa; Oprah Winfrey’s Legend’s Ball; Cash Money Records’ Grammy Party; Mattel’s Barbie’s 50th Anniversary/Birthday Party; Royal wedding for 2000 in Qatar; The Cove Atlantis hotel opening in Bahamas and many more.