JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: Think Mint

This week we are preparing for a client's annual Memorial Day party.  Every year we produce this event and every year it is our challenge to make it more unique, more eye-catching and beyond entertaining than the last year’s blowout bash.  This year, we are going with channeling mint green! From the decor to the food to the flowers...we will be dripping in mint.  

So naturally, having mint on the brain we have started to dream about mint colored weddings.  There are so many interesting things you can do with this versatile color and it adds just enough sophistication without screaming for attention.  Here are a few of our favorite mint wedding inspirations. 

How do you feel about mint?  We would love to hear your thoughts below.


JOWY Productions Invites You To Wedding Wednesdays: To Invite or Not To Invite

More and more couples are opting for intimate destination weddings that can be shared with family and a few close friends.  Sometimes this is for budget reasons, as strange as it may sound; if one has a large family and lots of friends then staying in town could break one's budget faster than planning a smaller event out of town as people believe less guests will travel to their wedding. Sometimes, its because their lists are too hard to pin down and somehow, going away for the wedding, makes the explanation easier (whether you invite “everyone” out of town or limit your list). Whatever the reason, when couples opt for a destination wedding, they still want friends and the like to feel included. So, in today's Wedding Wednesday we are sharing with a you question we tend to get quite often that is associated with this scenario.

Q: Can I invite people to my shower if they are not invited to my destination wedding?

A: If you have only invited close family members to your wedding and it is a small, intimate, out-of-town affair, we feel that it is perfectly acceptable to invite friends and co-workers to a shower and include them in your nuptials, especially if they want to celebrate with you.  However, if you have chosen to invite some friends to the out-of-town wedding and not others then inviting both groups to a shower together might prove to be an awkward and uncomfortable situation and we do not recommend it.  In that instance, we suggest having a shower for only those guests invited to the wedding and hosting a party after the wedding where everyone can come and celebrate your newly married status!

As usual, we would love to hear your comments in the section below!


JOWY Productions invites you to Wedding Wednesdays: May We Celebrate... 

MAY!! The month of Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day is upon us!  May seems to always teeter between “still being calm and spring like” and yet, full of the promise and energy summer seems to bring.  We have a busy end of spring and summer ahead and the days seem to fly by as we plan, design, schedule and produce events for our clients.  

In the midst of it all, we are determined to host a Memorial Day BBQ, celebrate Cinco de Mayo with interesting cocktails and find the perfect summer sandal.  Here are a few things that are inspiring us in our quest for BBQ, sandals and more!

{bbq pork sliders and coleslaw - memorial day bbq anyone?}
{Joie mint summer sandals - the pantone color of the season}
{well-dressed, adorable groomsmen}
{multi-colored pinatas}
{thyme paloma - in honor of cinco de mayo}




Wedding Wednesdays: Go For The 'Rose' Gold

Metallics have been popular for a few seasons now.  And while we love the shimmer of a metallic for any occasion, at the moment, we are loving rose gold for its subtle, golden shimmer and beautiful hue.  Rose gold is the perfect combination of romantic, feminine and understated and mixed with blush and cream tones it lends the perfect amount of sophistication to a wedding reception.  So, pour a little pink champagne and take a peek at our rose gold inspiration board!



JOWY Productions invites you to Wedding Wednesdays: All About The Cream Event!

The Cream Event, hosted by the lovely ladies of Bash, Please, was held at Vibiana in Los Angeles this year.  For those of you that don't know, The Cream is a wedding showcase of incredible Los Angeles event service providers.  This unique event was masterminded by the owners of Bash, Please after going to one too many, uninspiring bridal expos.  At the event, each vendor gets a space to decorate and create based around a theme/color.  This year's color palette was mint, emerald green, navy blue and gold with wood accents.  

{We are seeing a lot of mint this year in addition to Pantone’s color of the year,  emerald green}

When we arrived, the line was down the block which made us a little nervous.  Yet, the event was worth the wait and didn't disappoint   From photographers, to calligraphers, to caterers and prop stylists, each space we visited was more inspiring than the next.  We were in such awe that we forgot to snap pictures of our own so we borrowed some from around the web that we think epitomize the feeling of the event. 

Next year if you are in the Los Angeles area in March and are in the mood for a little inspiration, we highly suggest you snap up a ticket! 

What do you think?  Are you loving the color combination? Let us know in the comments below.


Photos courtesy of: Christa and Ivy photography, and Sue Wheelock)