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JOWY Productions invites you to Wedding Wednesdays: October Inspirations

Halloween is sneaking up on us this year (how is it already mid October??)!  The weather has been unseasonably warm so it’s been hard to really believe it's October.  Yet, here it is, and we are getting in the mood!

Here's what's inspiring us this month.

{backless and bows}

{black wedding dress}

{black and white all over}

{moody table setting}

{dramatic eye}


JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: The "Guest Book"

"Do you want to do a guest book?" 

The simple question we ask of our couples getting married.  To be honest, mostly the response is less than exciting; "I guess we should" or "our parents will want us to have one".  This is because most couples think of a guest book as the traditional, bound album where guests sign their names dutifully as they enter the reception.  We are here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way.  This is a great opportunity to be fun, creative and completely personal.  Here are a few, non-traditional ideas we love for fun guest books that will create great memories.

1. Thumbprint Tree: Have an artist create a tree on a canvas or heavy weight paper.  Each guest leaves their thumbprint and signature somewhere on the tree.  

2. Polaroids: Ask guests to take a polaroid of themselves and sign it with a message to you.  You can hang them to display in the reception for everyone to enjoy!

3. The Puzzle: Buy a blank puzzle (available on Amazon or an educational store).  Have guests write a message on a puzzle piece then after the wedding put the puzzle together and reminisce about the wedding. 

4. Advice Coasters: Leave custom coasters out for guests to write messages and advice on.  Pick someone trustworthy to collect the coasters throughout the night.  Read them on your one-year anniversary!

5. Jenga!: Each guest can write a message on a Jenga piece.  Makes for great memories every time you play the game on game night. 

6. Wish Rocks: Have guests write short messages to you on beautiful river rocks then display the rocks in a jar somewhere in your home.  

7. Mad Libs: Who didn't love Mad Libs as a kid?  Create a custom mad lib or purchase ready-made cars on the web (Etsy has some cute ones) and ask guests to "fill in the blanks".  Makes for fun reading and plenty of laughter after the wedding is over. 

We would love to hear any other creative ideas that you are using for your guest books. Share in the comments below. 


JOWY Productions Presents Wedding Wednesday: June Gloom, No Problem

We are in the throes of June gloom in Southern California right now. The mornings are chilly, gray and gloomy which make it hard to get out of bed even though it's summer and we know it will be sunny and warm by the afternoon. Yet, with a full month ahead of us and weddings to plan, we must get out of bed!  It's times like these when inspiration comes in handy! Here are a few things inspiring us this month.   

{Positano - dreaming of a little summer vacation}

{Chic linen cocktail napkins - perfectly paired with a light summer cocktail}

{infused water and favor station - lovely way to cool guests off and provide a pretty display} 

{red and blue stripes - so fresh and parisian at the same time}

{peonies and sequins - need we say more?}

What's inspiring you for June?  We would love to hear in the comments below...


JOWY Productions invites you to Wedding Wednesdays: Spring on Spring!

April has arrived! Easter and Passover have come and gone and while we had some really hot days at the beginning of the year, we are still waiting for the warmer weather (less gloom) to come our way in, supposedly, "Sunny California!"  We think Punxsutawney Phil may have been wrong this year but the cooler weather hasn't stopped us from dreaming about all things Spring. Here are a few things inspiring us this month as we try to be patient about Spring's late debut.  

{peonies...oh, how we love peonies!}

(grilled corn salad from www.thehealthyfoodie.com}

{target's threshold collection}

{floral painted cake}

{colorful garden party}


Wedding Wednesday, Thanksgiving Special: Bountiful Centerpieces


We here at JP are pretty excited about Thanksgiving today. We have had an incredible year, full of beautiful events and wonderful clients. We have so much to be grateful for.  As you can imagine, one of our favorite things about Thanksgiving is setting the table.  This year we are embracing a more organic look and are incorporating fruits and vegetables into our centerpieces.  It may sound strange, but we assure you, it can be quite beautiful and lush.  We also think this look is perfect for a garden wedding or a vibrant autumnal themed nuptial.  See some of our favorites below

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are thankful for you!

Tell us what you are thankful for in the comments below.